About JP

JP Abecilla - The Millennial Writer holding a book and a cup of coffee wearing black coat and red necktie.The Millennial Writer

Coming from the generation of millennial writers, JP Abecilla is a Filipino blogger and motivational speaker based in Cebu City, Cebu. He is a graduate of BA in English-Language with a background in Theology. He is currently working as a freelance writer in a Filipino-owned custom web design company and a full-time SEO copy editor and content writer in an Australian digital marketing agency.

In the Philippines, most people tend to think that a blogger is someone who engages in photography and video blogging (vlogging) while traveling locally and internationally. Consequently, travel and fashion blogging become so popular in the country. JP wants to prove that blogging is not only for travelers, photographers, or celebrities. This is the reason why he chooses to call himself The Millennial Writer to emphasize that he is into writing in contrast to taking or recording travel photos and videos. The Millennial Writer’s website is somehow an intersection of professional, lifestyle, and personal blog. Nonetheless, JP also loves traveling and taking memorable photos, but he puts writing as a top priority.

As a writer and editor, JP wants to advocate the use of plain English on the internet, sharpens the skills of coworkers, creates relevant content for online clients, and discovers a unique voice in the sea of overwhelming digital information.

Writing and Blogging

Using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, JP wants to extend a hand to other writers and potential artists. He believes that writing is not just a hobby or a way of living. He maintains that writing is an art that can be learned and refined like other arts. In line with that, he aspires to use writing as a medium of enriching people’s lives by providing them with motivational articles and informative features about writing, social media, business, career, and sometimes, religion and politics.

Concerning his passion to write and his work as a writer and editor, he also creates blog articles on content marketing and digital marketing to help colleagues in the industry who are looking for relevant content that they can utilize. JP understands that writing is a vital part of providing relevant and satisfying user experience (UX) in the digital world where content is overwhelmingly present in various platforms.

JP Abecilla - The Millennial Writer looking at the camera on a side view while resting his hands on his laps.Similar to writing, blogging is not rocket science, and there is no secret recipe for perfectly doing things. If there is a right way to arrange hypertext markup language (HTML), CSS, or JavaScript, there is no such thing as an exact way of writing or blogging. Writers and bloggers can learn more about the craft as they continue doing it. Most importantly, they can explore more about themselves and the world around them as they discover and develop the art of writing and blogging.

The Millennials and the Millennial Writers

JP Abecilla - The Millennial Writer on a black suit, white sleeve, and red tie. He is standing with two hands in his pockets.Depending on your source, millennials (Generation Y or Net Generation) can be placed from the early 1980s to the late 1990s. However, the timeline 1980 to 1998 is more sensible if we think of millennials as a generation born, nurtured, and grown-up before the turn of the new millennium. They are the last born species of the 20th century.

As a millennial who was born in the late 1980s, JP identifies himself with people who grew up in the age when new technologies are on the rise and changing our world. This generation is perceived to have a different upbringing affecting the workplace, culture, and society. The Net Generation is taking the stage of every aspect of our modern life. They are the successors of the baby boomers and Generation X. Millennials are matured enough to guide the Generation Z in understanding our current age of automation and virtual reality.

The decades before the new millennium are the times when Microsoft (1975) and Apple (1976) are still in their childhood. Moreover, it is the period when internet giants, like Amazon (1994) and Google (1998), were born. Who would have thought that the early years of the 21st century, other gigantic online platforms like Baidu (2000), Facebook (2004), and Twitter (2006) will rise? No one has seen that coming.

Some of JP’s Facebook Page followers describe millennials as cool, passionate, impulsive, and risk-takers. One blog article defines millennial writers as inventive, tech- and internet-savvy, flexible, social, and inclusive.

JP Abecilla - The Millennial Writer looking on a side while sitting. He is wearing a while sleeve and red tie.Final Words

Millennial writers seem impressively awesome and supra-intellectual geeks. No need to worry, though. They are still humans. They are no gods or goddesses. They don’t come from the other dimension of our universe. Some critics are even calling them as broke, serious, and over sensitive. Well, they can be both a headache and an asset in a company or the society at large. Be their friend, and everything will be fine.

As a millennial writer and Cebu blogger, JP aims to maximize online platforms by influencing and empowering other millennial writers and bloggers, even from other generations. He wants to inspire and motivate others to rise above their current situation and compete only to themselves and not with others. More than being a writer and millennial, JP loves coffee and donuts.