The Best Cebu Events Blog of 2019

the millennial writer is awarded by the Best Cebu Blogs Awards
Mr. Mark Montan, BCBA and CBS founder, together with Cebu Pacific representatives awarding The Millennial Writer.

The Millennial Writer was awarded the Best Cebu Events Blog of 2019 on November 30, 2019. This is a gigantic milestone for this year, and it was dedicated to his more than seven thousand followers on Facebook.

From being a nominee to becoming an awardee, The Millennial Writer is humbled to receive the early gift for his birthday. This is proof of hard works paid off. In an entry post entitled “The Story of a One-Year-Old Blog Becoming a Finalist,” The Millennial Writer has detailed anecdotes on how he becomes a finalist of the prestigious local award. 

JP Abecilla’s blog site is just one of almost a hundred nominees of the Best Cebu Blogs Awards that are filtered to 23 finalists divided into eight blog categories: Technology, Personal, Travel, Food, Style, Photo, Events, and Video.

Recognizing the efforts of local bloggers is an initiative that The Millennial Writer has appreciated. Additionally, the blogger is indebted to the sponsors that have trusted Cebu content creators to promote their business through online branding. The online writer is also gratified to be a part of Cebu Bloggers Society, the premier blogging organization of the South.

In a vlog related to the acceptance of the award, JP Abecilla offers the idea of blogging as a platform to empower people by sharing motivational content and focusing on a single niche where individuals with the same interest can be inspired. You can watch the full message below.

To the aspiring bloggers out there, do not lose hope. You don’t need to be an extraordinary person to start your dream to be an online writer, social media influencer, or content creator. At the start, you might get intimidated by the achievements of some bloggers. You might be overwhelmed with techie jargons related to the skills of creating a website. To address this concern, you can ask a friend who is an internet savvy to help you where you are not good at. Do not think that their services are for free. In spite of your friendship, you have to appreciate their skills by giving a discounted service fee, treating them, or exchanging a service. Before facing this little web monster, you have to refine your craft of writing, video creation, communication skills, and any abilities you want to demonstrate. Who knows, you might the next awardee of the Best Cebu Blogs Awards.

As I’ve said in my YouTube video above, “Do not compete with others. Compete only with yourself, from who you are today to whom you’ll become when you’ve reached the best version of yourself.”

JP Abecilla

JP Abecilla is a lifestyle Filipino blogger, freelance content writer, copy editor, and motivational speaker based in Cebu City, Philippines. He was awarded Blog of the Year 2020 (2nd Place) and Best Cebu Events Blog of 2019. More than writing, JP loves drinking a cup of coffee and eating donuts while reading a book or magazine.

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