TNC Cebu: The Biggest Cyber Café in Southeast Asia

the biggest cyber café in Southeast Asia in Cebu City
TNC Predator Cebu Headquarter, the biggest cyber café in Southeast Asia

On March 7, 2020, TNC and Acer Predator opened the biggest cyber café in Southeast Asia in Cebu City, Philippines to support the growing talents in esports and hardcore gamers alike.

Impressive Predator Units
TNC Cebu Headquarter
TNC Cebu Headquarter

According to Eric Redulfin, TNC’s Founder and CEO, the TNC Cebu Headquarter is equipped with 408 Predator units, composed of Orion 3000 and 5000. The high-end units have been divided into three compartments: the main counter on the second floor, the mezzanine hide-out, and the impressively world-class VIP room. The VIP room has a stage where players can experience how it feels to compete in big tournaments.

The TNC-Predator partnership aims to nurture the increasing number of talents interested in esports. “We wanted to give the best gaming experience to the Queen City of the South. We hope that with this facility, we can encourage Cebuanos to dive in more to esports and hopefully develop more world-class talents,” Redulfin said.

Electronic Sports
TNC Predator Team Dota 2
TNC Predator Team Dota 2

Esports refers to electronic sports or video games competition. Some of the popular electronic gaming tournaments include Dota, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros., and StarCraft. In the 2019 Southeast Asian Games held in the Philippines, esports became a medal event in a multi-sport competition.

Recently, a curriculum for a four-year degree on Bachelor of Science in ESports is now being developed through the collaboration of the Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) and esports agency Tier One Entertainment. Will the academe embrace digital athletes adding to physical sports?

Gaming Influencers
TNC Predator Influencer Lincoln Velasquez of Cong TV
Lincoln Velasquez of Cong TV

To make the launching more exciting, TNC Cebu Headquarter and Acer Predator tapped the social media influencer Lincoln Velasquez of Cong TV and the TNC Predator Dota 2 players: Tims, Arnel, and Gabbi. Fans have arrived in the launching event to see these personalities, which have been extended in a Meet and Greet opportunity at Cebu Trade Hall in SM City Cebu. (I’ll try to write more about his Meet and Greet event in a separate blog article.)

Of course, our favorite bloggers from Cebu Bloggers Society, together with other content creators and local media outlets, have covered the two events related to the launching of the biggest cyber café in Southeast Asia. In the media conference, TNC and Acer Predator have answered questions concerning esports and revealed plans to organize tournaments in the near future.

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