Top 5 Blog Niches

5 blog niches of JP Abecilla's freelance writer webste

Looking for a niche is one of the top-most priorities of bloggers and freelance writers. JP Abecilla – The Millennial Writer has a wide range of interests encapsulated in the following 5 blog niches.

Blogging & Writing

Obviously, not all bloggers are good writers and not all good writers are bloggers. JP writes about blogging & writing and blogs about blogging & writing. The two interests can be separated, but they can be combined under the digital marketing niche, particularly with content marketing. You can read more about JP’s background in blogging & writing at About JP page and more of his story here.

Digital Marketing

As businesses continually advance toward a better way to market their products and services, digital marketing was developed to reach website users on various platforms. This modern marketing is further divided into three types: online marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing. JP writes and blogs about the three types of digital marketing.

Healthcare Industry

JP is a former full-time content writer in two of the digital marketing agencies in the Philippines for more than two years. Both of the local companies have U.S.-based clients, and most of these clients are small- to medium-size healthcare companies in America. Until now, JP is still working as a freelance content writer who has learned the ins and outs of home health care, home care, hospice care, nursing home, assisted living home, and more.

Religion and Politics

Aside from writing for religious and political organizations and personalities in the U.S. as a content writer, JP is personally interested in religion and politics. This is the reason why you can find a separate blog page category on this website with articles connected to his thoughts about Philippine politics and the Christian faith.

Business and Career Motivation

JP has almost 20 years of experience in public speaking. From his church life to his university life, JP made himself busy in empowering lives. When he was still working as a regular employee, he is one of the motivational speakers of their company. He wants to continue enriching and challenging business people, employees, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and visionaries to be the best version of themselves.

You can go on and read the About JP page to learn more. Also, you can check out the other pages and blog posts or Contact JP for more information about his interest in these blog niches.