Blogging: What I Have Learned So Far

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Blogging is a modern and accessible way of publishing your writing when a magazine or a book is deemed unreachable. A blog can be a separate page on a website or a stand-alone writing platform similar to a news media site.

The Millennial Writer is a two-year-old blog site now, but the writer himself started blogging in 2013 with Focusing on writing, social media, motivation, business, career, politics, and religion, the Millennial Writer has found this platform to be exciting and challenging. Within two years of actively writing online, the blogger has learned the basics and complexities of this publication house on the web.

Personal Blogging

This is how blogging started, by the way. It’s like writing in a daily journal. But instead of putting your output in a diary, you are logging it online; thus, it was named “website log” or “weblog” until it was shortened to “blog.”

Personal blogging is like a personal diary, but it is more profound and detailed. Popularly known as “lifestyle blogging,” personal blogging can deal with almost everything under the sun; only the blogger’s interest is the limit. As a lifestyle blogger, I’ve learned to deal with various issues instead of focusing on a single niche; thus, it helps me to have a wider audience.

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Business Blogging

Proven to be effective in reaching a wide and varied audience, the corporate world and the business-minded individuals have seen opportunities in blogging. Companies started to reach out to bloggers to write about them as a way to spread the news about the company and its products or services. Some firms, especially the big ones, have created their own websites or contact web design agencies to do it for them while some companies hire independent freelance bloggers or developers.

Business blogging is an innovative way to establish brand awareness and reach potential customers. Aside from a company’s own website, business owners are also connecting with bloggers to write about them as a way to advertise their brand to the blogger’s audience. From being a full-time content writer to becoming a solopreneur freelance writer, the Millennial Writer is learning to be independent of the office-based setting and be more flexible with time.

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Political Blogging

Controversial. Vulnerable. Aggressive. A political blog can make or break not only a particular politician or political group but the blogger himself or herself. Political blogging becomes an alternative media since traditional media are now viewed to be biased.

Fake news, however, becomes more common because of unprincipled bloggers. Nonetheless, politicians and supporters bounce back by calling traditional media outlets to be the ones spreading fake news. Thus, political blogging could be taken as a challenge for so-called journalists to do their job better since many eyes and able writers are ready to rebuke manipulated information.

The Millennial Writer started to become active in political-related blogs last year (2019) to support a local senatorial candidate.

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The Blogosphere Today

“Blogosphere” is how we call the blogging community online. Concurrent to the fast-changing digital world, the blogosphere is continually growing as a twenty-year-old social media platform for writers and the likes.

Nowadays, more and more bloggers are rising and joining the thrill. In addition, vlogging or video blogging is now becoming more popular for non-writers. Influencer marketing is also strengthening the digital industry and widening the opportunities for both bloggers and vloggers.

Due to the pandemic, which leads people to house quarantine, the web becomes the home and meeting place of world citizens. Thus, the situation inspires others to do blogging or vlogging. Platforms, such as TikTok and YouTube, become in demand for personal, educational, and business purposes.

Blogging and all types of online writing, including social media posting, becomes a part-time job for workers affected by business bankruptcies, employee reduction, or no-work-no-pay arrangement.

Blogging platforms, such as Upwork and Freelancer, are gaining more people, adding to the growing population of the freelancing community.

Two years ago, the Millennial Writer started with no monetary objective until a year ago when it became a part of introducing local Cebu business brands to its small audience and connected with a local digital marketing agency. Nonetheless, the blog site is committed to providing top-quality and easy-to-read writing content free and accessible to its viewers and social media followers.

With the combined seven years (including the inactive five years) in the blogosphere, I can say that I already learn a considerable knowledge about the community and industries connected to it. And yet, there are more to be discovered, and I believe this site will contribute a lot to the advancement of the platform that’s still in its early 20s.

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JP Abecilla

JP Abecilla is a lifestyle Filipino blogger, freelance content writer, copy editor, and motivational speaker based in Cebu City, Philippines. He was awarded Blog of the Year 2020 (2nd Place) and Best Cebu Events Blog of 2019. More than writing, JP loves drinking a cup of coffee and eating donuts while reading a book or magazine.

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