CBS Year-End Party at Maayo Hotel


Members of Cebu Bloggers Society
Members of Cebu Bloggers Society that attended the event

Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS), the premier blogging organization in the Southern Philippines, has concluded a fruitful year of blogging with its annual Christmas Party held at Maayo Hotel on December 20, 2019.

Attended by about 24 Cebuano bloggers (almost half of the total number of the current members), the year-end party was a memorable event full of fun, food, chitchats, and inspiring words. As the CBS Founder, Mark Monta, said: “Christmas means another year is about to end and a new year, a new hope is coming.”

A Blogging Note

Blogging is not easy, especially if you are doing the craft while having your full-time job. As the current CBS President, Migo Variacion, asserted: “It’s not easy to travel, to (commit) time, to blog, to post on social media, and to make brands known to our followers.” I think it is just fair enough for local businesses to give something in return to the efforts vested by bloggers and influencers to make their brands recognized by our followers instead of paying thousands, if not millions, for traditional advertisement. (Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the party.)

Event Sponsors

Aside from our social media posts, I want to extend my gratitude to our sponsors that made our event successful. To Maayo Hotel, thank you for accommodating us with your elegant space and ambrosial food. To PayMaya, we appreciate that you’ve sent a representative from Manila just to experience a time with us. The amazing prizes make the players more inspired to win the games. To Timex and RealMe Philippines, thank you for the big prizes that made the lucky winners have a more blissful night.

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Chilling Time

After the triumphant Christmas Party, some of us have extended the night for a time to laugh, tittle-tattle, drink, relax, and enjoy time with each other. Like everyone else, bloggers deserve to have time to chill and savor life without worrying about pending blog posts or thinking about the next event.

The current CBS Vice President, Glyth Lamprea, concluded the night with the words: “Christmas first started in the heart of God, but it only has meaning when it receives in man’s heart and passes on to others.”

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