Money Is an Emotion

a woman smiling and thinking which represents money is an emotionShould I ask what it feels when you don’t have money? Should I guess the hype that we experience when we have a lot of it? How about the anxiety, demotivation, and dissatisfaction with having a low pay? If you are a dedicated employee like me, you already know it.

Can we say then that money is more of an emotion and an idea than a physical coin or a one thousand peso bill? Think of that for a minute. Let the question sink in.

According to a study from Harvard Business Review, there is a lot of action going on in our brain when it comes to money. Here are some of the things that happen:

1. Stomach Pain
The research has shown that our stomach feels pain when our money is at risk. This is for the reason that a part of our brain where the thinking of fear for our money happens is associated with the part that activates anxiety, pain, and hunger.

2. The Feeling of Being Hype
The study compared the brain scans between the respondents who were about to make money and those drug addicts who are high on cocaine. The brain scan presented an almost identical result. Needlessly to say, money is tied to the feeling of reward, pleasure, and motivation.

3. The Risk of Decision Making
When we go shopping or enter a bookstore, our brain activates the part related to social emotions. It is when we start thinking of the cost, the quality of the product, and the urgency or necessity of having the item. The end result of the decision could be the feeling of happiness or depression–that is when we didn’t get what we want.

It is not a great wonder then why the Bible says, “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Love is a strong emotion toward a subject. In this context, it’s money. When we give a full affection toward coveting a lot of money without consciously controlling our emotion, evil may arise. That might then be the cause of envy, jealousy, indifference, corruption, hunger for power, stealing, killing, and the likes. All of these are because of a powerful emotional trigger, MONEY.

JUST A NOTE: Money itself is not evil because it is a necessity; “the love of money” is the evil one.

JP Abecilla

JP Abecilla is a lifestyle Filipino blogger, freelance content writer, copy editor, and motivational speaker based in Cebu City, Philippines. He was awarded Blog of the Year 2020 (2nd Place) and Best Cebu Events Blog of 2019. More than writing, JP loves drinking a cup of coffee and eating donuts while reading a book or magazine.

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