What to Expect from the Podcast Blog Convention

Thinking about what you can get from a podcast blog convention? Successful celebrities Joyce Pring, Megan Young, and Mikael Daez will be featured in the event, together with top Filipino bloggers and influencers, including the Millennial Writer himself. Let’s give some ideas on why you should watch it.

Adulting with Joyce Pring

Ms. Joyce Pring is a celebrated radio, TV, hosting, and podcasting personality. She is the person behind the top podcast “Adulting with Joyce Pring.” The platform won 2nd Place as the Philippines’ Most Popular Podcast in the Spotify Wrapped in 2020. The program discusses multi-topics surrounding the challenges faced by millennials in their twenty-something, such as optimism, “negative positivity,” faith, and a lot more.

In the podcast BlogCon, Ms. Pring will share her wit on how she builds an audio platform to express herself while delving into the issues of adulting. She’ll be answering questions from bloggers, vloggers, and influencers about her most beloved topic and how to streamline a podcast program.

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Behind Relationship Goals

Now, in their tenth year in a relationship, the celebrity couple Megan Young-Daez and Mikael Daez will share more about how to be a super-chill pair and what to treasure behind relationship goals.

The podcast “Behind Relationship Goals” was created so they can share how to build a healthy bond with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, or someone special to you. From preparing a cup of hot coffee and pancake in the morning to discussing financial freedom during the day, the Daez Team will make us jealous of the sweetness while learning at the same time.

Megan and Mikael will also teach us more about podcasting and how it can help you as a blogger, vlogger, influencer, business person, or individual who dreams of reaching more people to listen to your impressive and life-changing ideas.

Join the podcast blog convention by watching it LIVE at Vidanes Artist Management Facebook Page on January 21, 2021, at 4:00 p.m.

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