Podcasting with Joyce Pring, Megan Young, & Mikael Daez

Podcasting and BloggingA podcast is an audio platform. Wait. Read it again. Great. Have you expected that? Have you thought that audios would grow in popularity again despite the prevalence of video platforms, such as YouTube and TikTok? Why would successful celebrities, like Joyce Pring, Megan Young, and Mikael Daez, join podcast? Also, can you combine podcasting and blogging?

You might say that audios are always there. You are correct if you are regularly listening to music or audiobooks. However, a podcast is a different animal. Can this animal be a blogging friend?

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Adulting and Podcasting

Adulting with Joyce Pring (AWJP) is one of the top choices among Spotify users listening to a podcast. The TV personality has started podcasting to have a conversational way of talking about the challenges of finances, getting a job, having a relationship, and everything about adulting.

When the Millennial Writer asked Ms. Pring about what she thinks is the greatest fear of a person becoming an adult, she answered that nobody treats us to be an adult. Nobody teaches us how to deal with break-ups or with a colleague at work. What Ms. Pring is most afraid of is the uncertainties when you already have your own life apart from your parents.

Personally, when I was still young, I dreamed to grow faster into an adult because I want grown-ups to listen to me. I observed before that adults don’t like kids or teenagers butting in when they talk.

Thus, I learned to speak in public since I was 13 years of age before I become the professional writer that I am today. For someone who always wants to be heard, podcasting is something to consider, especially for someone like me who is conscious of facing a camera.

To listen to AWJP’s podcast, one of the Philippines’ Most Popular Podcasts in the 2020 Spotify Wrapped, check it out here.

Celebrity and Podcasting

A celebrity couple joins the Podcast Rockstar Joyce Pring. Like Ms. Pring, they are already famous in front of the camera. Megan Young-Daez and Mikael Daez have created Behind Relationship Goals to retell the story behind their beautiful bond.

Asking the same question about the greatest fear of people becoming adults, Megan answered that she’s afraid of her family not being happy in life. On the other hand, Mikael responded by reiterating about the unknown, about what’s next in life, such as what’s next after graduation or what’s next after getting your job.

Megan and Mikael have just transferred to their new home while keeping their productive career in the showbusiness. They do podcasting to empower couples in dealing with the day-to-day ups and downs of living behind relationship goals. Feel free to listen to their inspiring podcast series by visiting them today!

Blogging and Podcasting

Since it’s a podcast blog convention, the event was joined by some of the top Filipino bloggers, namely: Chez Ganal of PEP.ph, Kate Adajar of Random Republika, Mariae Cruz and Michael Angelo Dimaayo of Wazz Up PHM, Richard Paglicawan of LionhearTV, Josephine Bonsol of Jobonsol.net, Albert Bryan Abelido of Chikkaness Avenue, Jeman Villanueva of Orange Magazine, Edsel Roy of Starmometer, and of course, JP Abecilla – The Millennial Writer. Now, let’s dig into the question of putting podcasting and blogging together.

Though you can embed audio or video on a website article, blogging is purely writing. If you are good at writing and speaking, why not consider doing both? Podcasting or iPod broadcasting could be a world worth discovering in the realm of the blogosphere. Personalities are turning a podcast into a YouTube video. It might as well a great idea to turn a podcast into a blog.

People have been encouraging me to do podcasting, but I haven’t paid attention to it. I’ve tried uploading videos on YouTube instead of just audios but still, I’m not confident about it so the platform is lying in wait. With this BlogCon, I become interested to learn more about podcasting. I love talking, but I love doing it in person or through writing, or posting on social media. A podcast is a new animal to get familiar with that could be a good pet in the long run. Of course, celebrities are joining the thrill, so it’s more than a pet. It’s something big to consider, especially that Big Tech like Apple and Spotify are into it.

The thing is you can take advantage of every digital platform there is. You can upload videos on TikTok and be an Instagram influencer at the same time. You can upscale your graphic skills from IG to Pinterest. So yes, you can do podcasting and blogging, vlogging and blogging, or acting and blogging as your time, skills, and resources permit.

Celebrity Podcasting Tips

The blog convention has ended with tips for individuals planning to start a podcast. Megan encourages you to just talk about everything you want, create an outline if it helps, know what works for you, and enjoy it—of which Mikael agreed. In addition, Joyce encourages you to start listening to amazing podcast conversations, support local podcasters, and have the courage to do your first step to podcasting.

The Podcast BlogCon is presented by Vidanes Celebrity Marketing – The Celebrity and Influencer Source. You can watch the full event on VCM’s Facebook Page. Particularly, you may check out the short portion of the video where the Millennial Writer appears down below.

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