Restructure Social Media to a More Positive Environment

positive social media icons Because of conflicts, social media have been dumped with demagoguery, fake news, misleading memes, and other hideous posts. However, we can still change the blustery wind of disputes to positive social media. Even if you’re just a single voice, you can create a ripple of great change.

With the considerable value of social media, there still comes the negative effects of social networks. We are trying to reduce evil in our society, but in doing so, we have built walls between our friends, families, and relatives. We’ve let the change to consume us and heighten the dispute among us in spite of the same blood running in our veins. We’ve been blinded with pride and our thirst for change – a radical change that has reversed our values and culture.

Where will we go from here? What progress are we really at? Can we still overcome this societal evolution, let alone degradation? I believe we can.

1. Share an Inspiration

Instead of sharing strong aversion toward others, why not inspire others with quotations about life, education, business, and personal development.

2. Unfriend or Block Fake Accounts

Internet trolls or keyboard warriors tend to have no clear profile identity. They are not even using their own names and profile pictures. They only exist to bully, attack, defame and lie. They are making social sites begrimed with indifference and hate. Check your friend list and take them out of your friend list.

3. Leave or Report a Group or Page Full of Lies

Most made-up memes and fake news that gullible people are sharing all over the social media are from pages or groups sold out to spread hate and lie. Leave or report certain community to purify or reduce the indecency online.

4. Create Positive Posts

To balance the negative atmosphere, create posts about hope, dreams, faith, financial literacy, and the likes. Do not allow people around you to dictate the way you think, speak, and live.

5. Influence a Community of Game Changers

There are still several people out there who are positive about creating better changes. Whether the change is for personal growth, career development, financial education, family strengthening or business innovation, some individuals are more than willing to join your cause for a better society through positive social media.

Let’s try to see the brighter side of the issue. Let’s figure out what’s best for all. Let’s remember that we still belong to the same race⁠—HUMANITY.

JP Abecilla

JP Abecilla is a lifestyle Filipino blogger, freelance content writer, copy editor, and motivational speaker based in Cebu City, Philippines. He was awarded Blog of the Year 2020 (2nd Place) and Best Cebu Events Blog of 2019. More than writing, JP loves drinking a cup of coffee and eating donuts while reading a book or magazine.


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