Kwilin: A Tech-Powered Real Estate Company Launches in Cebu City

Kwilin Realty and Brokerage, a real estate company in Cebu CityThe real estate industry is the biggest economic mobilizer, not only in the Philippines but also in the international communities. The fact is, the industry has not reached its highest peak in the country yet. Meaning, a wide and stable economic opportunity for growth is still waiting for agents, brokers, and investors alike.

With the fast technological developments in our digital age, it is hard for a traditional real estate agency to stay moving in the industry. Thus, Kwilin Realty and Brokerage manages to partner themselves with tech-savvies to make transactions quick and easy for agents and brokers. This tech-powered realty company launched its headquarter at Guadalupe, Cebu City on January 17, 2020.

The Visionary Founders

Unlike in the multilevel marketing industry, real estate can give you a clearer vision of what’s ahead of you. “Kwilin believes that salesmanship is a relationship,” said Ana Montenegro Trazona, Head Broker and Finance. “These relationships,” she continues, “are our acres of diamonds in this industry, with all its plethora of opportunities.”

Jonathan Floreta, Kwilin’s Operations Consul, asserted that you have to find your purpose in life and with that, you have to find a business that supports that purpose. Not far from that line of thought, Cherrey Mae Bartolata, VP for Enterprise Resource Planning, defined success as living a life with purpose. She uttered that it is not about the money or luxury that usually goes with it, but it is about the freedom of unlimited opportunities you can have for yourself and others.

It is also worthy to note what Harold E. Ople, Business Affairs, said: “Kwilin believes in servant leadership. At the same time, we believe that our agents and brokers are our business partners above all else.”

The Purpose

Since the founders are talking about purpose, here are three of the many visions they are planning to take:

  • To become a “Pillar of Success”– financially, professionally and spiritually to our agents and partners.
  • To create a community built on trust, friendship and camaraderie.
  • To create a company culture fueled by teamwork and collaboration.

You can read more about them on their website or Facebook Page.

The I.T. Partner

With the goal to bring the best possible online access, Kwilin collaborates with JWITS with the vision of streamlining business processes through IT systems which brings inspiration and innovation to create a better life for the Filipino entrepreneur. Aside from Kwilin, JWITS is also serving Aroha Land Corporation, Goodwill, Playwriting Australia, and a lot more.

The technological partner envisions to provide industry-grade scalable systems for every JUAN. Leveling the playing field of entrepreneurship, one system deployment at a time.

The Headquarter

The headquarter in Guadalupe, Cebu City is furnished with a millennialist style adorned with Kwilin’s theme: orange, white, and black. The lobby will welcome you with the company’s logo, a light-friendly chandelier, and a relaxing sofa where you can have quick chit-chats. On the left side, you can find a kitchen which they’ll turn into a modern style cafeteria. On the right side, you can find the training room equipped with a whiteboard and LCD TV.

The second floor of the headquarter is composed of the function hall, mini-gymnasium, and other rooms for the head officers.


The Benefits of Joining Kwilin

There are many realty and brokerage agencies available in Cebu City. So, why choose Kwilin among the many choices? Practically, agents want to earn, and they want to earn bigger. With Kwilin, you’ll get bigger starting and succeeding commission-sharing rates with a faster and more convenient commission-releasing process. Also, you’ll have PRC-Licensing, professionalization assistance, educational assistance, and continuous training with Kwilin Academy. Thinking of retiring? Kwilin offers Legacy Program for retirement and emergency funding.

Together with the benefits, you can get overwhelming perks, such as access to hundreds of developers’ projects, spacious and conducive working environment, and work from home through the Lead Exchange Program.


In line with the vision to create and deploy caliber real estate professionals that can become the industry influencer in their own right, the company emphasizes getting top-quality and professional agents who can learn, grow, and stay longer with the agency.

In eight (8) consecutive years, the Philippines has booming property prices, not only in the Metro Manila but also here in Cebu and Davao. The continual strong growth of the real estate industry will assure the life of agents, brokers, and investors to be more exciting while earning a living. For sure, Kwilin will go forward in maintaining the upward trends in the real estate industry.

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