Social Media Influencer: Gary Vee Attacks the New Content Creation on IG

Gary Vee (or Gary Vaynerchuk), a top social media influencer, attacks the new way of creating and sharing content on Instagram. Many followers, however, share disappointments with the sermon-like post from this social media icon. But, of course, he’s a top icon, so he still earns thousands of hearts.

The digital marketing expert had posted on Monday, February 17, 2020:

Start posting what YOU WANT TO POST, not what looks good when people or brands come and look at your profile! The far majority of what is seen is in feed and yet so many of you are missing out on opportunity based on new or true or unique content because you are worried it “looks bad on your grid” makes me sad 😞

Instagram grid layouts are becoming a trend on the said platform similar to the artistic puzzle feeds. If you look at the 9 posts individually, they look messy and nonsense. And yeah, it looks bad on your feed but not on your grid. Needlessly to say, they create a better look on your profile for your visitors.

Instagram is a visually oriented platform. The more aesthetic your images and stories are, the more people will like you. The more people like you, the more opportunity of expanding your influence. The more you grow your influence, the more you boost your branding.

We always hear the cliché “change is the only constant in life.” That is true to all aspects of our daily life. The fast-changing digital world makes that phrase truer than anything else. Entrepreneurs, marketers, bloggers, and influencers alike are taking actions to make better ways of creating and promoting content online.

The problem with newcomers or new social media influencers is that they don’t have a strong voice yet to be heard. In this matter, it is just easy for popular icons to brag what they have proven to work for their businesses and get the noise around their brands. People will only listen to you if you already have a name in the industry, even if you talk garbage.

I’m greatly disappointed to read how Gary Vee responded to some of the comments that share dismay with his post because they feel attacked. One of the comments has this remark, “Stop making people feel bad for doing what they actually want with their IG. Makes ME sad! If everyone was using IG to lecture people, it would be a pretty crappy place like Twitter.”


Of course, I’ve supported this reaction from @mancevic. As a content creator myself, I’m still thinking about what my audience would like, but I will still base it on what I’m interested in. I’m a political person but not on IG and Twitter, only on Facebook. So, I was surprised to see this unapologetic social media influencer talking like a preacher.

Gary keeps saying that he’s not attacking. He argues that he only gives a thought about authenticity. But then again, what if that’s how people present themselves to their audience? Who are we to control how they share with their small, tiny followers? After all, people have the choice to unfollow them if don’t like the changes. Nonetheless, some people would love to go with the changes.

Guy Kawasaki in his book “The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users,” has shared the following code of personal conduct on social media that we can use whatever the changes might happen:

    • Be impeccable with your word.
    • Don’t take anything personally.
    • Don’t make assumptions.
  • Always do your best.
  • Be skeptical but learn to listen.

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